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SPE Brunei Section - Ramadhan Charity Drive

SPE Brunei Ramadhan Charity Drive

On behalf of SPE Brunei, we would like to thank you for your donations to last weekend's Ramadhan Charity Drive. This charity drive was in collaboration with the members of the Youth Club of Kampong Pandan Mosque and Zainab Lumut Mosque.

This year, SPE Brunei would match dollar for dollar for every dollar donated by a member. All in all, we managed to donate $1360 worth of food items to families in Seria, Kuala Belait, Sungai Teraban, Sungai Liang, Lumut and Labi. Your contribution meant that over 24 families received help in the form of food items. Every family received two sacks of rice, sugar, flour, salt, cooking oil, ketchup and chili sauce, noodles, tea and coffee and cordial drinks ahead of the festive season of Hari Raya.

Last Saturday and Sunday (9-10 June), close to 45 volunteers from the youths of Kampong Pandan mosque, Zainab Lumut Mosque and SPE Brunei drove to more than 80 families to distribute the food items. It was truly a wonderful and humbling experience to visit and get to know the families a little bit.

Thanks to the volunteers from SPE Brunei for their time, Yazid Yasmin and Fadhul Omarali and SPE YP Brunei, Farah Safri and Najib Latif (SPE YP Brunei chairperson).

Again, SPE Brunei would like to thank you for your donations.

Kind regards,


Secretary, SPE Brunei Section