Brunei Section Young Professionals


SPE YP Brunei Section was established in 2007 for oil and gas professionals less than 35 years of age and less than 10 years working experience. Currently, most of the members represent young enthusiastic personnel from major energy companies in Brunei.

Our objectives are:

·         To  re-connect younger members in SPE Brunei Section
·         Support efforts of SPE
·         Support local educational institutions e.g. high schools and universities
·         Reaching out to the community
·         Professional growth

SPE Young Professionals Brunei Section 2015-2017

YP Chair

Lam Kok Diing (BSP)

YP Committee

Chua Ai-Tieng (Total)
Zarifdana ZinalAbadin (BSP)
Hadee Yasfadillah (BSP)
Lim Chern Ming (BSP)
Azeem Putra (BSP)
Mandy Lim (BSP)
Najib Latif (BSP)
Brandy Siew (BSP)
Yeo Chuo Rong (BSP)
Wan Firmilla Hj Hamidon (PB)
Zyden Zainal (PBCL)
Dzariifah Iskandar (PB)